John Boyega wants to combine action roles with passion projects


John Boyega plans to do it all in Hollywood by combining blockbuster roles with pursuing his own passion projects.

The Star Wars actor, 25, takes the lead in science-fiction sequel Pacific Rim Uprising, playing Jake Pentecost, the wayward son of Idris Elba’s character from the 2013 original.

John’s role as Jake, a skilled pilot of giant Jaeger robots tasked with fighting off alien enemies, is his first as an all-action hero in a major blockbuster.

At a special screening of the film in London, he shared with WENN his future career hopes.
“I want to do all of them. I’m going to do all of them,” John said of action flicks and serious dramas.

He added that in addition to his blockbuster commitments, he had “a few” passion projects he was pursuing with his UpperRoom Productions company.

One part he has been linked to is Marvel’s vampire superhero Blade, but the British star would not be drawn on whether he would be taking over from Wesley Snipes, who last played the character in 2004.

Despite being cast in Star Wars, Pacific Rim Uprising, and Attack the Block, John is unworried about being defined as a sci-fi star, noting dramas like Detroit and The Circle have kept his output varied.
The actor also has a production credit on the new Pacific Rim movie, and revealed he had been closely involved in the creative process behind director Steven S. DeKnight’s film.

“Creatively I was definitely concerned about the decisions that were being made (making the film), but that’s a concern that’s natural to every project, when someone comes to me with a project, I have to consider a few things,” he explained. “So it was nothing out of the ordinary, and I felt a distinct connection to Steve and the team.”

Pacific Rim Uprising hits cinemas from 21 March (18).