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John Goodman thanks co-star for saving his life during river rescue

John Goodman has publicly thanked his Black Earth Rising co-star Michaela Coel for saving his life during a river stunt on the set of the new TV series.
The Roseanne star and Coel were shooting on the banks of the River Thames in London, when he lost his footing and almost drowned.
He claims that if it wasn’t for his co-star’s strength, we’d all be mourning the loss of an acting legend.
“She was so fit she saved my life,” he said during a recent SAG Conversations interview. “We had to do a scene at the Thames where I was trying to save her character. We were only supposed to go in up to our knees.
“I slipped and God knows what’s on those stones under the water. The footing was so slick and I couldn’t get out and kept getting sucked back in. She saved my life and pulled me out of the river!”
Goodman admits he was thrilled to get the role in a London-based show because he needed something different to re-energize himself.
“I was over-tired and burned out but I got this role and it invigorated me,” he explains. “Working in London does something for me as well. I just love it over there.
“I looked forward to going to work every day. I got to feel like I was a proper actor again.
“If I’m left to my own devices, I will bore myself and choose roles that aren’t so interesting, for money. I’m trying to learn to be more present. The work is better when you’re not dreaming about what are you gonna do after work! Just being less lazy. I wouldn’t mind having another crack at classical theatre some time. I just talk myself out of it, but if I fall on my face, at least I’m falling forward.”

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