John Krasinski recalls awkward encounter with ‘surly’ customs officer


John Krasinski once had an awkward encounter with an airport customs officer who struggled to believe Emily Blunt is his wife.

The Office actor and the British actress married in 2010 and are now parents to two daughters, Hazel, four, and Violet, 21 months. While the duo have been together for a long time, John shared during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night (03Apr18), that during a recent visit to London a customs official at an airport seriously doubted his job and marital status.

“(I was going through customs) and then I hit this guy, about my age, and he looked like he was ready to get a little surly with me,” he recalled. “And he said, ‘It says here that you are an actor.’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he said, ‘Would I know you from anything?’ And I went, ‘You know, we re-did the U.K. version of The Office.’ Strike one.”

The official wasn’t too pleased to learn of John’s previous acting gig, but he became even darker when the conversation changed to the topic of his wife.

“He says, ‘Who are you visiting here?’ I said, ‘My wife.’ And he says, ‘Is she an actress?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Would I know her?’ I went, ‘I don’t know, man, her name is Emily Blunt.’ He seriously goes, ‘You?’ and I went, ‘Yeah.’ And he goes, ‘You? You married Emily Blunt?'” the 38-year-old laughed, adding that the man then furiously stamped his passport and told him to “just go”.

The actor is currently promoting his new horror film A Quiet Place, which he co-wrote and directed, and features himself and Emily, 35, in the central roles. And John couldn’t be more thrilled to work with his longtime love on the project.

“What I learned is that I’ve always been the biggest fan of hers but it’s not until you’re in the room and she does what she does, you know why she is so phenomenal,” he gushed. “She’s the most unbelievably talented person, powerful person, kindest person, she makes everyone around her better, so that was my experience.”