John Malkovich: ‘Madoff scandal was not a negative experience’

Actor John Malkovich refuses to feel bitter about falling victim to U.S. conman Bernie Madoff and insists on viewing the scandal as a lesson learned. The RED actor lost $2.2 million (£1.4 million) to Madoff’s elaborate Ponzi scheme and was later awarded a settlement of $670,000 (£432,258) from the trustees who liquidated the financier’s firm.
However, Malkovich claims the experience helped him to look at money in a different way and he views that as a positive change.
He tells America’s Details magazine, “I don’t view it as a negative experience…
“To me it was, ‘You think you have a bunch of money – and you don’t.’ So what? Most people don’t (have a lot of money). I think it kind of reconnected me to how most people live all the time. And, unlike a lot of people that were involved in the Madoff thing, I could just go back to work, and it was fine.”
Madoff was arrested in December, 2008 amid accusations he siphoned billions of dollars from his wealthy clients, including Kevin Bacon and Steven Spielberg, to fund his lavish lifestyle. He is currently serving a 150-year prison term for his crimes.