John Mayer teases details of unofficial Nike collaboration


John Mayer’s unofficial Nike sneakers are set to drop on Saturday (29Jul17).
The musician has numerous fashion ventures to his name, including a line of T-shirts and a jewelery range.

He’s now teamed up with Nike, but rather than waiting for a call from the brand’s design team, John created his shoes using the NikeiD service, where sneaker fans can customize Nike footwear online.

Level up.

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Taking to Instagram, John shared an image of his Air Mayer Spirit Level sneakers, with the date 7/29 etched underneath and the caption “level up”.

The classic Air Max 90 shoes are grey with a white Nike tick and neon green air bubble, reminiscent of a spirit level measuring stick.

Another snap features John wearing the shoes as he sits on top of a large Louis Vuitton canvas trunk, which has his initials “J.M.” monogrammed on. Next to the photo he wrote: “Mono.”

And in a final photo, John wears them while rocking out on stage with drummer Steve Jordan.
The 39-year-old touched upon his unofficial Nike collaboration with American GQ recently, explaining how he’d purchased every single pair of the Air Max’s the website would sell him.

“I think NikeiD is a little bit like iTunes University, where there’s this great resource that no one’s thinking to sort of hijack,” he smiled. “I’m planning on hijacking NikeiD and really messing with that to where I’m gonna have my own Nike shoe that Nike doesn’t have to give me. I just bought it on ID.

“But, I’ll tell you. I bought basically a full inventory of one style of NikeiD, and I’m just waiting for it to get discontinued on their site. And I’m gonna offer it as my own shoe through my Shopify page. Just for fun!”

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