John Stamos Pays Tribute to Late Mother in Heartfelt Essay


Actor John Stamos has paid tribute to his late mother in an emotional essay ahead of next week’s Mother’s Day.

The Fuller House star’s mother passed away in 2014, an now he has opened up about a letter he found following her death. In it, she tells him not to be sad when she dies because she had a “wonderful life”.

“Shortly after you died, I found something you wrote,” he relays to “I was sitting at your famous kitchen table, the same table where all the family therapy sessions would happen, and I was wondering how I could possibly get through one single day without you. I honestly felt I could not go on.

“That’s when you chose to take this moment to (write the letter). You meant for me to find that note when I did, and now I’m ready to write you back.”

The 53-year-old goes on to praise his mum for being an “unselfish parent” and providing him with enough love to last forever.

“You called your house the Castle of Comfort for me,” he adds. “If I was working really hard or stressed out, I knew I could drive down there on a Saturday morning, spend the weekend and gain my strength back for the week. You poured a lifetime of love into me, and that’s what I’ll remember best too. Two and a half years later, that love still gets me through every single day.”

John also details his struggles following his mother’s death in the post.

Stamos entered rehab after he was arrested in California for driving under the influence in June, 2015. He was sentenced to three years probation after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of drugs and only learned how worried his mother was about her son’s drinking after her death. It ironically sent him spiraling out of control – and he still feels terrible about worrying her.

“I know you were worried about me toward the end of your life, because for a brief time I wasn’t living the way you taught me to live,” he continues. “You told my friends you were worried. I was naive in thinking I could pull the wool up over you (fool you), because you’re so accepting of everything, but the truth is you saw it all. And things got rougher after you passed away. How could it not? You were the most important thing in my life.

“I allowed outside things to come in and cloud my spirit, but it was your strength that got me through it. Your voice, your beautiful face, your over-abundance of love is always running in the back of my mind and certainly in my heart…”

“I miss you madly, mother – until we meet again. And we will! Happy Mother’s Day.” he concludes his heartfelt note.

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