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John Turturro took on late pal James Gandolfini’s final role with ‘trepidation’

The Big Lebowski star John Turturro was more than a little nervous taking on the role of a troubled public defender in cult TV series The Night Of, because he was taking a role intended for his late friend James Gandolfini.
The Sopranos star had filmed part of the drama’s pilot episode when he died on vacation in Italy in 2013, and the project was shelved until producers decided to rewrite the script and recast Gandolfini’s role.
They turned to Turturro, who won acclaim as Jack Stone in the HBO series, but he admits he took the project on with some “trepidation”.
“James was a very good friend of mine… but then I saw the pilot and saw that he hadn’t really done that much and I read all the scripts and I loved it,” he says.

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