Johnny Depp Sheds Clothes in New Marilyn Manson Video


Johnny Depp is baring all in rocker pal Marilyn Manson’s new Kill4Me video.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star plays a voyeuristic video editor, who has a threesome with models Bailee Cowperthwaite and Jocelyn Binder in the promo, while performing several sexual acts.
Manson also strips off in the video, appearing naked in a final shot.

“At the end, when you see the underwear burning, those are mine – and that’s Johnny’s lighter – he burnt my f**king underwear,” the rocker told The Sun newspaper on Tuesday (14Nov17). “I was embarrassed to be nude in front of these two girls, Johnny too. We’ve been friends for so long but we don’t sit around and look at each other’s undercarriages.”

Johnny and Marilyn have been friends for 20 years.

“We were both white trash from hillbilly country, to use the vernacular, and sharpened our teeth in Florida,” Manson adds.