Johnny Depp’s cult film Cry Baby was a headache behind the scenes

Johnny Depp’s classic 1990 movie Cry Baby was all drama behind the scenes with federal raids, crazy groupies, and fainting stars.
Director John Waters has opened up about the making of the cult film in his new memoir Mr. Know-It-All: The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder, and he admits it was difficult masterminding the movie amid all the turmoil on and off-set.
“(There were) wild girl groupies who would leave notes at his (Depp’s) hotel reading, stating: ‘I’d like to suck your d**k through a garden hose’,” he wrote.
“One pack of teenage lovelies even approached crew members and offered to pay top dollar for the sewage under Johnny Depp’s trailer!
“The Feds raided the set and served (actress) Traci Lords with papers trying to force her to return to L.A. to testify against the Mob for distributing all her underage porn films.”
And Waters also had to work with unknown teenager Amy Locane, who he plucked from high school.
“She played Alison, Cry Baby’s square teenage princess, who eventually goes bad for his love…,” the filmmaker recalls. “Cast while still in high school, she had to get permission to finish her senior year early so she could come to Baltimore and begin shooting; she didn’t even get to go to her prom.
“Amy arrived with her mother for the first day of rehearsal in my living room and had to kiss Johnny Depp in front of the other cast members. She actually fainted and I don’t blame her!”