Jolie felt awkward filming sex scenes in directorial debut

The actress and first-time director admits her stars Zana Marjanovic and Goran Kostic helped her with the sex scene, because they were willing to go further for the sake of the film.

She tells USA Today newspaper, “I believe it was Zana’s first love scene and Goran is a family man with a wife and kids. You kind of suddenly feel this strange thing of asking people to participate in anything like that because they’re not a real couple. You find out how strange this is to ask anybody to get naked together and put a camera on them.

“They actually made me more comfortable. I was being a lot more prudish. I would have allowed them to be more prudish and they told me it was all right and important for the story. They wanted to do what they wanted to do and they were comfortable.”

But Jolie was still very careful to make sure the love scenes were shot carefully – because she has “felt misrepresented” in previous movies where she has stripped off.

She explains, “You feel, ‘Why did they hold on to that and why did they feel they needed to do that?'”

And she admits she was mesmerised by her leading lady’s body: “She has a very beautiful body that is very organic in that European sense. She is a real woman and a beautiful woman.”