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Jon Bon Jovi thrills fans with karaoke performance

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi recently stunned fans in a karaoke bar by showing up in disguise and belting out Livin’ On a Prayer.
The Bon Jovi frontman made the surprise appearance for a company that had partnered with his charity, The Soul Foundation, based in his native Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
”I went undercover, deep cover,” he said, revealing he wore a dark wig, beard, mustache, hat, and glasses.
And when he pulled off his disguise, a female fan screamed.
“I think she was looking for security,” he joked. “It was all in good fun.”
Meanwhile, the rocker is preparing for the ultimate karaoke show – he’s heading back out on the road with his band after a four-year break.
Bon Jovi announced the world tour news during an appearance on America’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (05Oct16). The tour is in conjunction with the release of the band’s new album, This House is Not For Sale.
The singer admitted he finds touring “difficult”, but added, “The truth of the matter is this record, having been received so well, we played this weekend, we played that album in its entirety at a theatre. I looked around and saw the guys happier than they’ve ever been and I was happy and the audience was into it and I said, ‘OK, it’s time… I’m going to go back on the road’.”

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