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Jon Stewart angry he didn’t look into Louis C.K. sexual misconduct rumours

Comedian Jon Stewart is angry at himself for not paying closer attention to sexual misconduct allegations made against his friend Louis C.K..
The American Hustle actor hit headlines last week (ends13Nov17) when five women went public with their accusations in a New York Times expose, with the funnyman subsequently confessing the claims were all true.
Former The Daily Show host Stewart admits he was “stunned” by Louis’ candid statement in response to the Times piece, in which the women recalled various instances of Louis masturbating in front of them or asking to perform the sex act while they watched.
“You give your friends the benefit of the doubt,” Jon reasoned on U.S. breakfast show Today. “I tried to think about it in terms of, I’ve had friends who have had compulsions and have done things: gambling or drinking or drugs. And we’ve lost some of them; some of them have died.
“You always find yourself back to a moment of, ‘Did I miss something? Could I have done more?’ And in this situation, I think we all could have. So you feel anger at what you did to people.”
Stewart acknowledges the comedy industry is “not a great environment for women,” and admits he was wrong to have brushed off claims of inappropriate conduct made against his peer in the past, particularly during a live taping of The Axe Files podcast in Chicago, Illinois last year (16), when he insisted he had “never heard anything” about the sexual harassment claims against Louis, who he described as “a wonderful person”.
Footage of Stewart’s reaction has since resurfaced online in light of Louis’ controversy.
Explaining his podcast response on Today, he said, “My first response was, ‘What?’ And then, joke, joke… (Then) I was like, ‘Look, I know this is very serious, but I know Louis, he’s always been a gentleman to me,’ which, again, it speaks to the blindness that I think a man has.”
Stewart also revealed he had not spoken to Louis since the scandal broke.

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