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Jonah Hill makes prank calls to prep for acting roles

Jonah Hill taps into his naughty side by making prank calls to ensure he is fully prepared for an acting role.
The Academy Award nominated The Wolf of Wall Street star has been using the bizarre technique for over a decade, with the 32-year-old explaining he would often phone up random stores while he was a college student, recording the bogus conversations to see if his impersonations were convincing.
“What’s interesting is that I still do it now all the time,” Hill revealed of his antics-driven acting methodology while speaking at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday (08Oct16) night. “I do it to get into character. I’m now recognisable in some ways, so I can’t really try out a character in real life, (and) the closest version of trying out a character in real life is playing a version of it over the phone.”
He added about his prank call strategy: “Customer service is the best because they talk to you with real patience. I’ll just ask about different products, and complain about different products in the way that I think the character would complain about those products.”
“I usually buy something at the end,” Hill confessed. “I feel bad.”
Jonah noted he initially struggled when preparing to portray his The Wolf of Wall Street character Donnie Azoff, as the prosthetic teeth he had to wear to play the persona made him speak with an unnatural lisp, forcing him “to learn how to re-talk with them” in his mouth. But fortunately Hill’s prank call habit proved beneficial yet again, as he phoned customer service representatives at U.S. retailer Best Buy to test whether he sounded authentic while speaking as Donnie.
“That’s how I got used to talking with them on,” he said.

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