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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: ‘I’m a changed man now I’m a dad’

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has put his hellraising days behind him because he’d rather hang out with his baby boy and his wife than hit parties and bars.
The Irish star, who has battled alcohol abuse in the past, insists he has toned down his wild ways since becoming a dad, and his son has changed him for the better.
“He’s an angel boy,” Jonathan tells Access Hollywood Live. “He’s got a very deep, intense nature about him… He stares right into your soul. He’s got a very very sweet nature. He’s very calm, he sleeps right through the night… He’s the joy of my life.
“People say that when you have children it changes you and of course it does… but I just didn’t know the profundity of the change that was going to take place… Every single thing that you decide, all of your aspirations, all of your goals… to make sure that you get what you want in life pale in comparison to what this little boy needs.
“Everybody goes through their days where they have incredibly positive moments and they go and have a few negative moments; these negative moments become less and less and less with a boy, because a boy needs that attention, he needs your warmth, he needs your kindness.”
And the actor admits his baby son has changed the way he looks at world news: “Before I had the child I had very little fear of things and since I’ve had my child I can’t read newspaper stories about things that are happening to children… I get very very angry, so I think a new sort of positive fear has replaced this sort of egotistical ‘I’m an actor’ fear.”
The Tudors star and his wife Mara Lane welcomed Wolf on 15 December (16).

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