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Josh Brolin fears upsetting Tommy Lee Jones with Men In Black impersonation

In Men in Black III, Will Smith’s Agent J travels back in time to 1969 to meet his sidekick, Jones’ character Agent K, as a younger man, played by Brolin.

But the 44 year old admits he had his reservations about the role when he was approached by director Barry Sonnenfeld to show off his impersonation on screen – and he still has no idea if his No Country for Old Men co-star approves of his performance.

He tells WENN, “I have fun with doing Nick Nolte or Tommy Lee Jones (impersonations), but really bad versions of them.

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“Then Barry called me asking if I wanted to do this mega movie and play a young Tommy Lee Jones, or play a young Agent K for a billion people to judge. It’s like putting your a** on the line especially with someone you know and I still don’t know if Tommy liked it or not.”

And Brolin reveals he faced a hard task perfecting Jones’ vocal tones: “I think the tough thing about Tommy’s voice is he’s all over the place; it’s like he’s improvising his voice and it’s still cultivating into something. It’s like an instrument that’s been played by nobody, where somebody asks you to not only learn how to play it but make an album in two months that everybody will hear.”

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