Josh Henderson: ‘New Show is Not about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

Actor Josh Henderson has dismissed reports his new TV drama is inspired by Tom Cruise’s courtship and failed marriage to Katie Holmes.

Critics have drawn comparisons between The Arrangement and the movie stars’ romance, because on the new show the Dallas star plays a big celebrity who offers a TV actress $10 million to be his wife.

Henderson’s character is also a high-flying member of a religious society some have linked to Cruise’s Church of Scientology.

“I understand the comparisons of people because our show’s about this big film star and this… Institute of the Higher Mind, which is awesomely weird and creepy… but when people tune in and check it out, I think they’re gonna forget the Tom and Katie thing or the Scientology thing, because we really are a unique story,” he tells Access Hollywood Live.

The new drama also features Michael Vartan and Lexa Doig.

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