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Jourdan Dunn: ‘It’s not just the Oscars that are so white’

Jourdan Dunn thinks the fashion industry could do better when it comes to diversity.
The #OscarsSoWhite campaign, focusing on the lack of diversity among the Academy Award nominees has dominated headlines in the run up to the 2016 Academy Awards on Sunday (28Feb16), but supermodel Jourdan argues the same conversation needs to happen in the fashion industry too.
“There are definitely a lot more girls of colour being represented,” she told Britain’s Elle magazine. “But I also feel like we’re 100% still not there. I want to see us get to a place where seeing a black girl, anywhere, is not such a big deal. Why can’t it just be the norm to see black models in campaigns and on covers and runways? It’s still too much of a big thing when this happens.”
While Jourdan has always been a passionate advocate for diversity the fashion business, she is just as passionate about her role as a parent.
The 25-year-old is a mother to son Riley, six, but with a busy modelling career to juggle, she often misses out on day-to-day activates with her little one. The pair recently teamed up to design clothing range Lil’ LonDunn, a 22-piece line of childrenswear for UK retailer Marks & Spencer.
“The one thing about parenthood no one ever warns you about. They tell you about the sleepless nights, but no one ever warns you about the guilt,” she sighed. “He was just in the hospital last month, but I’m fortunate that he’s quite well. So if something happens at work and I don’t get an opportunity, it’s fine. I’m not gonna cry about this stuff. I’ve got bigger things to think about, like my son and if he’s OK and keeping him out of the hospital.
“Ultimately, I look at it like this: I am my son’s lifeline. Mummy needs to work to put food on the table and pay his school fees. So I always keep that in the back of my mind.”

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