Jovovich slams Galliano over ‘anti-Semitic’ rant

Galliano attended a court in Paris, France last month (Jun11) following his arrest over allegations he hurled a tirade of anti-Semitic and racist abuse at a couple while out drinking in the city earlier this year (11).

The former Christian Dior designer blamed his behaviour on his “addiction” to alcohol and his use of strong medication – but former supermodel Jovovich is not convinced.

She tells Britain’s Live magazine, “I have no sympathy for John Galliano. His sense of entitlement made him lose touch with reality. I’ve worked in fashion for years and never encountered that before.

“I worked with him and he’s an icon in the industry, incredibly talented, but when you’re an icon you have to be careful about what you say. I’ve got drunk in the past and acted belligerently, but I didn’t act racist. It’s not what I am. The drink unleashes things that are there. I’ve never had that. But he’ll be fine. He’s got his multi-millions to fall back on.”