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Judd Apatow goes back to school

The Knocked Up director took to Twitter.com on Thursday (06Sep12) to share a photo of himself proudly holding the certificate after it was discovered at his alma mater in Syosset, New York.

He writes, “I never picked up my ’85 high school diploma. A nice woman in the office at Syosset High found it so I picked it up.”

Apatow also shared his regret at not trying harder as a student, admitting he cheated in his exams to get by.

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In a series of posts, he adds, “When I went to school I slept in class and cheated quite a bit. Shocking how much I slept behind a well placed hand – pretending to read. I am not better for it. I know very few big words. That is why I like to write for high school age characters – who are not smart or sober. I cheated in AP (advanced placement) physics then my scam collapsed and in my second semester I was so far behind because I learned nothing and failed hard. I won’t allow my kids to do it. I regret it… (I) didn’t learn anything in some classes and that caught up with me.”

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