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Judge rules against Kennedy and Monroe ‘lovechild’

John Burton, 55, from Queens, New York, alleges he is a product of an affair between the politician and the blonde beauty and he took his claim to court in 2008.

He sued the trustees of Kennedy’s estate in a bid to claim a portion of the assassinated leader’s fortune. A Manhattan federal judge dismissed the suit in 2009 and now an appeal court has upheld the initial ruling.

The three-judge panel didn’t consider whether Burton’s lineage claims are true, according to the New York Daily News, but ruled that Kennedy’s will doesn’t apply to children born out of wedlock.

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Burton, who has legally changed his name to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, tells the newspaper, “It’s what’s been done to me all my life. President Kennedy was my father. He was my father before he was president… Things just got worse and worse after my mother died, and my father was killed.”

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