Judy Garland was emotionally ‘abused’ by her entourage

Judy Garland’s former assistant has shared the star was “used and abused by all sorts of people” including her husband Mickey Dean.
Rosalyn Wilder, production assistant for impresario Robert Nesbitt looked after the troubled superstar in 1969 as she prepared for a sold-out run of shows at London’s The Talk of the Town nightclub. And upcoming movie biopic Judy, in which Wilder is portrayed by actress Jessie Buckley, with Renee Zellweger in the lead role, chronicles the tragic star at the end of her life before she died from an accidental drug overdose in London that year.
In an interview with the Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye, Wilder said she witnessed Garland’s fifth husband, Mickey Deans, and a couple of others in her entourage treating her badly.
“They slapped her around,” she said. “I don’t mean physically, but it was a sort of mental slapping around. They would laugh at her, mock her.
“‘Have another pill, Judy. Have another drink, Judy. Oh, you’re late Judy,’ they’d say,” Wilder added. “You couldn’t get cross with Judy really, because her whole life she was being used and abused by all sorts of people, and eventually it rubs off on you.”
The assistant described Garland as being dependant on “pills” to perform, and she would coax her on stage nightly, offering to stand in the wings holding the pills in case Garland needed them mid-performance. The singer died aged 47 of an accidental overdose of barbiturates.
“I never gave her any,” Wilder said. “Once she was there, the lights were there, the audience was there, the orchestra’s behind her and that’s when Dr Showbiz kicked in. The magic was there and she had this magnetic hold when she sang, even though this was right at the end of her career.”
Judy begins hitting movie screens in September 2019.