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Julia Roberts: ‘Kids prefer my meatloaf to my movies’

Julia Roberts’ attempt to discuss her work with her children didn’t quite go to plan.
The 48-year-old actress is known for her incredibly varied movie career, with films such as Pretty Women, Erin Brockovich and August: Osage County under her belt. Julia and her cinematographer husband Danny Moder once tried to discuss her career choice with their offspring, 11-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel and eight-year-old Henry, but their mother’s worldwide fame was lost on the children.
“We did make an attempt once to have that conversation and I remember Danny… the kids were talking about what he does and he goes, ‘You know, while we are talking about Daddy’s work, what about what Mommy does?'” Julia said during an interview on British TV show Lorraine on Tuesday (23Feb16). “This was a few years ago and Phinn says, ‘Mommy makes good meatloaf!’ And I do!”
Julia will be just one of the famous faces at this weekend’s Academy Awards. She’s no stranger to the ceremony, having been nominated four times and taking home a gong for Erin Brockovich in 2001. However, Julia insists the magnitude of the occasion never fails to thrill her.
“Make no mistake, it’s special, it’s thrilling,” she smiled. “There are so many great actors that if you for some reason get in the big bingo wheel of… if your name gets pulled out of there, it better feel special.”
Julia also reveals she can’t remember the time she took home her Best Actress Oscar, admitting it still doesn’t feels real.
“You just think, ‘Did they say my name or did I just get up?'” Julia laughed. “I suppose I’d know by now if I’d made a critical mistake. It just seems like a dream.”
Julia’s latest film sees her star alongside Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor in Secret in Their Eyes. The mystery thriller sees the actress once again flex a different set of acting skills, and she remains thankful that she has had so many opportunities in her career.
“I feel hugely gratified at the opportunities that I’ve had, for sure,” she said. “I definitely see that I came into the business at a time when movies were just right for me, and what i had to offer. And I felt that i had room to grow and grow up and evolve into a different style of acting as the opportunities I was given evolved as well, so I think I’ve had a really, really good run.”

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