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Julia Roberts to portray framed PTA mum

Julia Roberts has signed on to portray real-life Parent Teacher Association president Kelli Peters in a new film.
The Pretty Woman star is also slated to produce the project, which will be based on Kelli’s book, I’ll Get You! Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom.
Kelli was a PTA president and volunteer at her daughter’s elementary school in Orange County, California. During her tenure, she became involved in a feud with a fellow parent after she was accused of keeping the woman’s son waiting during an after-school pickup. Following the incident, the woman and her husband, attorneys Jill and Kent Easter, demanded Kelli’s dismissal from the PTA, launched a lawsuit against her and tried to frame her by planting drugs in her car.
Criminal charges were eventually filed against the couple, but not before Kelli was arrested. She subsequently won a $5.7 million (GBP4.4 million) settlement against the couple.
“My whole life is ruined at that moment,” Peters told People magazine in February (16). “That is what I have nightmares about. That moment will never go away.”
According to Deadline.com, the film is being shopped to movie studios even though a screenwriter has yet to sign on to write the script. Julia’s pal George Clooney and his Smoke House producing partner Grant Heslov are reportedly interested in the project.
Kelli was also the subject of writer Christopher Goffard’s Los Angeles Times series Framed.
This isn’t the first time the actress has played a real-life person in a movie – she won an Oscar for 2000’s Erin Brockovich and also took on Liz Gilbert for the 2010 movie adaptation of her travel memoir Eat, Pray, Love.

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