Julianne Hough was an extra in first Harry Potter movie


Julianne Hough is celebrating Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary by reminding fans she was an extra in the boy wizard’s first movie.

Fans took to social media on Monday (26Jun17) to mark the anniversary of the release of J.K. Rowling’s first Potter book, and Rock of Ages star Hough went one better with screen shots from 2001’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Julianne, who went on to find fame as a dancer on U.S. show Dancing With the Stars before embarking on a Hollywood and music career, appeared in a banquet hall scene and a crowd shot in the film – and posted both on Instagram.

She added the caption: “Happy 20th Anniversary Harry Potter. Remember that one time when I was 11 and a Gryffindor (school house in Potter mythology)? Oh and apparently liked flirting with the Weasley twins? #ivealwayslovedredheads #gryffindor #harrypotter #firstfilm (sic).”

In the banquet hall shot, Julianne is caught staring lovingly at actors Oliver and James Phelps, who played Hogwarts students George and Fred Weasley.

Julianne’s brother Derek and the siblings’ dancer pal Mark Ballas were also uncredited extras in the film, also known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and went on to find fame as TV dancers when the first season of Dancing With the Stars aired in 2007.

Meanwhile, author Rowling celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of her first book by joining fans on social media.

The writer shot to fame after Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published on 26 June, 1997, and in the two decades since, the seven-book franchise has sold more than 450 million copies worldwide, spawned a huge blockbuster film series, and inspired its own amusement park, making the once cash-strapped single mum a multi-millionaire.

She took to Twitter on Monday to thank fans for their interest in all things Potter, writing: “20 years ago today a world that I had lived in alone was suddenly open to others. It’s been wonderful. Thank you.”

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