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Juno Temple wanted to be fashion designer

The Atonement star dreamed of creating her own clothing line as a youngster and even sewed her own outfits, but she decided against becoming a designer and pursued acting instead.

She tells ASOS Magazine, “I had a good five years of wanting to do fashion. I made a lot of clothes and I’ve got books and books of designs. But I think it would have been a tough business for me, not because I don’t think it’s brilliant, but because I’m not sure I’m feisty enough for it.”

But Temple still loves fashion and even collects lingerie, revealing she owns 80 sets of expensive Agent Provocateur underwear.

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She adds, “I think lingerie is a really powerful thing for a woman… Underneath, it makes me feel like a woman and I love being a woman. I think you should secretly indulge in that every day.”

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