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Justice clears up Hoult dating rumours

The 17-year-old American actress sparked rumours of a romance with the About a Boy star when they attended England’s Wimbledon tennis tournament together this summer (10).

But Justice is adamant the 20-year-old Brit is not her boyfriend – because she wouldn’t be able to stand being separated if they did date.

She tells EOnline.com, “No, we’re not dating. He’s a great guy and so talented and deserves everything, but even to maintain a friendship with someone who lives on another continent… It’s kind of impossible.”

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Justice has also dismissed speculation about a budding relationship with hunky Twilight star Taylor Lautner, adding: “We were closer friends when I was younger, and then we both got kind of busy. But if I see him, I’ll give him a hug and say ‘hi’ and we’ll chat, but we don’t really have sleepovers or anything like that.”

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