Kaley Cuoco promises ‘major female empowerment’ in Harley Quinn series


Kaley Cuoco’s new animated series Harley Quinn is all about strong, empowering women.

The 33-year-old actress is voicing the title character and DC Comics favorite in the upcoming series.

And speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the star confessed there’s “nothing better” than voicing raunchy villains and promoting “major female empowerment.”

“And we don’t have to put makeup on!” she laughed. “It’s great. It’s eight hours that I don’t have to spend in hair and makeup.”

Kaley’s co-star Lake Bell, who plays villain Poison Ivy in the series, also described the show as “bada*s, very feminist”, adding: “It’s the right thing to do at the time. We’re very lucky. We get to ping pong a lot of, like, comedy and bad words and naughty business.”

The series will follow Harley Quinn as she realizes her relationship with the Joker (Alan Tudyk) is toxic, and The Big Bang Theory star revealed the character goes through an emotional journey, which has its high and low points.

“She goes through growth but it’s like a few steps forward and 25 steps back,” she shared during a panel discussion at the 2019 TCA Summer Press Tour on Tuesday (July 23, 2019) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, California. “She falls back in her old ways again and can’t really help it.

“She’s learning what real friendships are,” Kaley added. “These friends are more of her family than her real family which we find out later in the series.”

Harley Quinn is set to premiere in October on DC Universe.