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Kanye West requests trademark for Yeezy Sound

Kanye West has sparked speculation he is about to launch his own music streaming service.
Lawyers for the hip-hop star filed documents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week (ends05Nov17), requesting a trademark for a company called Yeezy Sound.
The record for the request asks that the trademark includes rights to a range of music production and broadcasting services, as well as the “streaming of music, audio, images, video and other multimedia content over the Internet, mobile devices, wireless networks and other computer networks”.
In addition, it is requested that the trademark covers video streaming and access to websites and databases online that present artists, albums and songs as well as entertainment services.
“(Including) music, current events and entertainment news and that allow customers to programme audio, text, video and other multimedia content, including music, concerts, news, cultural events, and entertainment-related programs on a website and in mobile applications,” the document states.
A separate trademark request for Yeezy Music looks to cover more general aspects of the music business, including audio production and distribution. If the trademark is granted, it could mean Kanye is gearing up to set up a streaming service to rival Tidal, the company set up by rapper and mogul JAY-Z.
Though the Stronger hitmaker had originally thrown his support behind Tidal, the pair parted ways in August after the rapper reportedly became unhappy with the way the business was run, according to TMZ.
Kanye has claimed the company owes him upwards of $3 million (£2.3 million) in unpaid advances and bonuses and had his lawyers send Tidal executives a letter stating they were in breach and he wanted his contract terminated.
As a result, Tidal have allegedly threatened to sue Kanye if he tries to release his music on a rival streaming site, as they have exclusive rights to his work. The dispute remains unresolved.

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