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Kanye West was just joking with piracy post

Kanye West was just joking when he suggested he was a fan of music piracy in a recent post online.
The Stronger hitmaker courted controversy last week (02Mar16) when he shared a Twitter photo of a computer screen, which clearly showed an Internet browser tab open to the Pirate Bay website. The image suggested he was illegally downloading synthesizer software Serum, which is sold by dance star Deadmau5’s Xfer Records.
The snap prompted Deadmau5 to attack Kanye online, while the rapper quickly hit back by ridiculing the electronic artist in another of his infamous rants.
Kanye has since attempted to clear up the controversy by insisting the photo post was meant as a “funny” prank, Billboard.com reports.
“It’s funny because, you know, it’s obviously not my computer,” he claimed during an exchange with the paparazzi on Saturday (05Mar16). “I took a picture of it in the studio, and then everybody was like, ‘Don’t put that up.’ I was like, ‘Let it go up.'”
“You know, the irony (is) that that was the site that downloaded a million of my albums (sic)…” he added, referring to reports suggesting his latest album, The Life of Pablo, had been illegally downloaded over half a million times within days of its February (16) release on Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal.
He also hinted at his tumultuous start to 2016, after being involved in a number of bitter Twitter spats, and announcing that he was $53 million (£33.1 million) in debt.
“This has been a year, 2016, that just really I can express the truth,” he continued. “I just want people to see me talking to you, people not calling me names, screaming out… and just know my heart and that I really want to help the world.
“I really want to do something to apply my skill set… I want to apply that to something more than something that’s just gonna make me money.”

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