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Kardashian family drama ruined presidential debate for Kim

Reality TV star Rob Kardashian’s texting drama kept his sister Kim from enjoying the first U.S. presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday night (26Sep16).
Rob upset family members when he posted his sister Kylie Jenner’s number on Twitter on Monday (26Sep16), following a bitter spat over a baby shower party his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna allegedly had not been invited to.
He accused his family members of purposely excluding his partner from the bash, and raged: “Didn’t invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me!!? You all must have lost your d**n minds.”
He then took aim at his youngest sister, Kylie, by sharing her private phone number with his 6.5 million followers on Twitter. She was then bombarded with text messages and calls from Rob’s followers as people hit her up for jobs, money, and even pairs of brother-in-law Kanye West’s Yeezy trainers.
The Kardashians didn’t immediately comment on Rob’s actions, but on Tuesday night (27Sep16), his sister Kim explained the drama rumbled on well into Monday evening, while she was trying to watch the debate on TV – and pick a candidate she wants to be the next U.S. President.
Speaking to TV personality Andy Cohen at The Girls’ Lounge dinner in New York City, she was asked if she watched the Clinton/Trump showdown and responded, “I watched a little bit of it but I was on the phone at the same time – a little family drama. Group texting.”
Meanwhile, a source tells Entertainment Tonight Rob “overreacted” when he lashed out at his family on Monday, revealing, “Rob was told that the shower was still going on for him but Chyna couldn’t make it, but he misunderstood the entire thing… The girls knew Chyna couldn’t make it, and Chyna was cool with it, but Rob thought something was being done behind closed doors to make sure she couldn’t be there.”

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