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Kate Winslet reviving seawall plans for coastal mansion

Kate Winslet has revived plans to build a wall to protect her coastal mansion from stormy seas.
The Titanic star, 42, originally commissioned the sea defence at the home in Chichester, England where she lives with husband Ned Rocknroll in 2015 – but abandoned her plans after officials at Natural England objected work would disturb rare birds’ breeding grounds.
In September (17) however, the actress’ assistant Emma Leslie, whose name the property is registered in, submitted plans to build a new 150 metre (490 foot) long structure to prevent waves eroding the soil on her property.
The new application to Chichester council officials describes the sea defence as “essential” to prevent “rapid soil erosion” from large waves caused by spring tides or storms.
If built, the seawall will be one metre in height, and backed by mud banking to hold back the waves.
The application also claimed that in addition to Kate’s home, the structure would also protect a public footpath.
Consultants for the star claimed that an ecological assessment of the site would not be necessary as special measures would be taken to ensure nearby birds are not disturbed – including starting the work in April (17) to avoid the wildfowl migratory season.
However officials at Chichester council’s Environmental Strategy Unit have insisted the assessment is carried out – as the home is near to a wetland habitat designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA) under European Union law.
Kate lives at the property with Rocknroll, whom she wed in 2012, and her three children Mia Honey, 17, Joe Alfie, 13, and Bear Blaze, 3.

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