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Kate Winslet’s mother watched preview of Wonder Wheel scenes before she died

Woody Allen sent scenes from Wonder Wheel for Kate Winslet’s mother to watch in hospital before she passed away.
The British actress stars in the director’s upcoming 1950s drama movie as a married woman who falls for a handsome lifeguard, played by Justin Timberlake, but trouble erupts when her husband’s estranged daughter (Juno Temple) shows up.
Kate’s mum Sally passed away in May of this year (17), before production wrapped, but thanks to Woody she was able to get a glimpse at her daughter in action.
Holding back tears as she recalled her mother’s sadness at knowing she wouldn’t see the finished feature, Kate explained to the Los Angeles Times, “I sent an email to Woody’s assistant and I said, ‘Listen, my mum is dying, and she is devastated that she is not going to see the film.’ She was more excited about me working with Woody than anyone I’ve ever worked with.
“So I wondered if he could just send a little clip to her to see. And he did. Woody sent a couple of scenes for her to watch and recorded a little video, which was amazing. He said, ‘I had the pleasure of working with your daughter,’ and oh my God, it meant the world to her. She showed all her friends in hospital when they came to visit. That was really something. I’ll never forget it.”
It seems Wonder Wheel was quite the exhausting project though, with the Oscar-winning star noting she was in a constant state of adrenaline and far from her usual calm and collected self.
She even questioned taking on the character of Ginny at first, confessing she didn’t want to put herself through such an emotional role.
But Kate’s family wouldn’t have any of it, as she laughed, “What happened is that my husband and kids were like, ‘Mum. Get a grip. Obviously, you’re doing it. Just shut up.’ Or: ‘Mum, it’s Woody Allen. You’ve got to do it. Come on. Do it.’
“Now that my kids are older, they really are involved in all of it.”
Kate has daughter Mia, 17, with ex-husband Jim Threapleton, son Joe, 13, with former spouse Sam Mendes and three-year-old boy Bear with current other half Ned Rocknroll.

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