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Katherine Jackson’s nephew demands she pay his legal costs

Katherine Jackson’s nephew is demanding she pay his legal costs after dropping her elder abuse case against him.
The 86-year-old Jackson matriarch obtained a temporary restraining order against Trent Jackson in February (17).
Trent had worked as her driver, carer and financial adviser, but she accused him of being an, “an abusive con man”.
Katherine dropped the case against Trent last month (Apr17) and he is now demanding she pay his legal fees out of the monthly stipend she is due from her son, pop superstar Michael Jackson’s estate.
In a court filing obtained by editors at New York Daily News, Trent’s lawyers state that Katherine can afford to pay his legal costs as she gives most of the $67,000 (£52,000) a month she receives to her children Jermaine, Rebbie and La Toya.
Trent’s lawyers allege Katherine pays $12,000 (£9,300) a month to Jermaine, $7,000 (£5,400) a month to Rebbie, $30,000 (£23,300) a month to La Toya, as well as spending $9,850 (£7,700) a month on a Los Angeles home for some of her grandchildren.
In her initial complaint, Katherine claimed Trent bullied her, invaded her privacy and stole from her. She dropped the action on 25 April (17), hours before she was due to appear in court.
After Katherine dropped the case, her lawyer, Nelson Handy said that his client was unprepared for a trial and wanted to “take a step back”.
Trent’s counsel Ron Rale accused other members of the Jackson family of pushing Katherine into making the accusations and said that as he was the “prevailing party” she should pay his legal costs.

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