Katherine Waterston nauseous after watching preview of Alien: Covenant


Katherine Waterston was left shaking after watching a preview clip of her new film Alien: Covenant.

The 37-year-old actress may front the horror film as the feisty Daniels, whose crew is on a mission to explore a remote planet, but she still found it difficult to watch once it was complete.

“I scare very easily,” she admitted to Time Out London. “I felt nauseous after watching a preview clip of Alien: Covenant. My hands were shaking. (Director) Ridley (Scott) really enjoys terrifying people.”

But one thing Katherine thoroughly enjoyed about the movie was completing her own stunts.

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“Oh my gosh. I loved doing stunts. Ridley had to tear me away,” she laughed. “Letting someone else (like a stuntwoman) tell your character’s story seemed insane to me. I’m also a middle child so I’m wired to feel as though I’m always missing out.”

This installment marks Ridley’s third time at the helm, having directed the 1979 original starring Sigourney Weaver as the lead Ellen Ripley, before taking on the prequel Prometheus in 2012.

Quizzed on whether she felt under pressure in terms of following in Sigourney’s footsteps in the powerful female role, Steve Jobs star Katherine explained she tried not to let nerves get to her.

“You have to force yourself to not engage with your destructive self-loathing!” she quipped. “I was in a black cab in London when my agent called and told me I’d got the part. I always feel like someone’s got the wrong number or there’s been a mistake.

“I can’t let those thoughts (of pressure) in when I’m working or I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning.”

Alien: Covenant, also starring Danny McBride and Prometheus star Michael Fassbender, is out later this month (May17).

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