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Katt Williams accused of holding women at gunpoint

Troubled comedian Katt Williams has been accused of holding five women at gunpoint.
Salena Boston and her friends claim they came across the Norbit star and his 15-strong entourage in Atlanta, Georgia in the early hours of Sunday (28Feb16) and asked to take a photo with Williams.
He agreed, but when the actor noticed one female had been recording video footage of the meeting, he reportedly lost his temper and attacked Boston. A brawl ensued, prompting Williams to allegedly pull out a gun and take aim at the fans.
According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, at one point, he also had all of their cell phones confiscated.
One woman managed to escape to call police from her car, and when cops arrived on the scene, Williams was placed in handcuffs, but no arrests were made.
Williams has denied the accusations, telling authorities Boston and her friends had been harassing him by snapping pictures of him and filming him on their cell phones without permission. He maintains they sparked the brawl by allegedly snatching a chain from his neck, prompting the funnyman to fight back in self-defence.
He claims a member of his security team pulled out a gun after hearing how one of the females was “going to her car to get something to pop somebody”, the police report states.
The altercation is currently under investigation, but attorney Loletha Hale, who has taken on the women’s case, is calling for Williams’ “immediate arrest”, while she also has strong words for the officers involved.
“This individual is clearly out of control and needs to be stopped before someone is killed,” she writes in a statement obtained by People.com on Wednesday (02Mar16). “We are also calling for the identification, investigation and discipline of the officers who failed to arrest and properly investigate this incident.”
It’s the second brush with the law for Williams in as many days. He was taken into custody in Atlanta on Monday (29Feb16) after allegedly punching an employee at a pool supply store. Williams claims he lashed out after the clerk used a racial slur.
Meanwhile, the 42-year-old was back in court in Los Angeles on Tuesday (01Mar16), where he entered a not guilty plea for a separate case, in which he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
He is also due to stand trial for a felony count of robbery after allegedly teaming up with rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight to steal a camera from a photographer in Beverly Hills in 2014. The comedian faces seven years behind bars if convicted.

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