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Katt Williams blames racial discrimination for store arrest

Comedian Katt Williams lost his temper during a recent altercation in Georgia after a store employee allegedly hurled a racial slur at him.
The Norbit star was arrested on Monday (29Feb16) after reportedly punching the retail clerk following a heated dispute at the checkout counter of a pool supply store in Gainesville.
Police were called to investigate and Williams, who has been in and out of jail in recent years, was found lying on the ground, with his hands behind his back, ready for cops to handcuff him.
He was taken into custody and later released on $5,000 (£3,592) bail, but now Williams has spoken out to defend his actions. The 42-year-old claims the worker assumed Williams was there to rob him and proceeded to disrespect him as he tried to make $1,500 (£1,075) worth of purchases.
“He thought when he was having a conversation with me that I was in his pool store to rob him,” the funnyman tells TMZ.com. “When I put 30 items on the counter, he then thought it was just a ploy to distract him. Then when I put 15 $100 bills on the counter, guess what he did next? He took the money and put it in his pocket and started ringing stuff up. I said, ‘Sir, that’s not how anybody does business in America.'”
Williams claims things went from bad to worse as the employee reportedly threatened him with jail, and then allegedly used the ‘N’ word, which proved to be one step too far for the comedian.
“So, Katt Williams had to do what Katt Williams had to do…,” he explained, without denying the battery charge. The actor then suggested he was boycotting the state of Georgia for all future stand-up tours, adding, “Now Georgia no longer gets the comedy of Katt Williams.”
Williams’ brief interview with TMZ took place outside a courthouse in Los Angeles on Tuesday (01Mar16), where he entered a not guilty plea for a separate case, in which he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
He is also due to stand trial for a felony count of robbery after allegedly teaming up with rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight to steal a camera from a photographer in Beverly Hills in 2014. The comedian faces seven years behind bars if convicted.

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