Katy Perry floors American Idol contestant with impromptu kiss


Katy Perry floored an American Idol contestant on Sunday night (11Mar18) when she planted a kiss on his lips.

The rebooted U.S. TV talent show premiered on Sunday, with Katy on the judging panel alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. The trio listened to various hopefuls auditioning before it was cashier Benjamin Glaze’s turn to try his luck. Before performing his piece for the panel, the 19-year-old admitted he has never had a girlfriend and has also never had a kiss on the lips.

“I’ve never been in a relationship,” he said. “I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship.”
Upon that admission, Katy told the teenager, “Come here right now!”

Looking somewhat shocked as Katy offered him her cheek, Benjamin obliged and planted a peck on her face. But the Swish Swish star was unimpressed, telling Benjamin, “You didn’t even make the smush sound!” Given a second shot, Benjamin once again leaned forward to give Katy another peck on the cheek, but the 33-year-old turned her head at the last minute – meaning his smooch landed on her mouth.

Clearly stunned by what had just happened, Benjamin fell to the floor open-mouthed, as Katy celebrated by raising her arms in the air and getting high fives from Lionel and Luke.
“Well, that was a first!” Benjamin joked afterwards, before cheekily asking Katy, “How was it?”

The Roar star chided the teen, “Don’t even try and get cocky now,” before urging him to start his audition.

But the smooch had something of a lasting effect on Benjamin, who had to ask for water before he began his performance of Nick JonasLevels.

In the end, even his kiss with Katy wasn’t enough to secure him a spot in the next round, as the judges eventually chose to pass on Benjamin.

Following the scenes airing, some viewers took to Twitter to express their amusement at Katy’s antics, while others were less impressed.

“If a male judge kissed a girl like that, IMAGINE the rioting. Double standard against men. #AmericanIdol,” one wrote.