Keanu Reeves shaved his legs for ’80s soda commercial


Keanu Reeves was so dedicated to his role in a 1980s soda commercial that he even shaved his legs.
The Canadian actor gained fame in the ’90s for his performances in thrillers such as Point Break and Speed as well as comedies like the Bill and Ted franchise.

But before Keanu got his Hollywood break he appeared in a string of TV advertisements, with a Coca-Cola commercial filmed in 1983 proving to be memorable for him.

“I had to play a cyclist. My father’s my coach, it’s a big race,” he recalled during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday night (06Aug18). “But it was a three-day shoot, for me, it was a great experience because you’re going from school and study to the real world – it was hitting marks, we had to improv some scenes. We had to pretend that it was hot but we were filming in the winter…. Shaving my legs, yeah. Because I’m playing a cyclist.”

Host James then went on to show the vintage clip, much to Keanu and the audience’s amusement. And the 53-year-old shared that he found it particularly tedious to continue shooting the last scene where his onscreen father passes him a Coca-Cola to drink at the end of the bike race.

“I had to drink so many Coca-Colas,” the star laughed. “I had that thing with the director where it was like, ‘Okay you’re thirsty, (pretend) you’re on an island, on a desert island, you haven’t had anything to drink!'”