Keanu Sees Red Over ‘The Watcher’

Keanu Reeves probably wishes he had skipped playing street hockey that fateful day. It was the day that director Joe Charbanic approached Reeves and asked him to read a script for a little serial killer flick, offering him a small role as the murderer.

Reeves took the part, thinking it was going to be a little boutique film, but before he knew it, things were mushrooming out of control and “The Watcher” ballooned into a relatively big-budget studio movie. And his little role kept getting bigger and bigger. reports today that Reeves ain’t no big fan of “The Watcher,” largely because his little cameo morphed into a something altogether bigger. “The script did change,” director Charbanic told the Web site. “It got bigger than [Reeves] wanted. He wanted it to be a little boutique film.”

The report says that, at one point, Reeves wanted to back out of the movie but his attorneys advised him to honor his contract so to avoid a Kim Basinger-type lawsuit.

A deal was made, under which Universal agreed not to exploit Reeves’ good name in the movie’s trailer and ads, and Reeves reportedly agreed not to pooh-pooh “The Watcher” in public.