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Keaton battled bulimia in secret

The Oscar winner, who stands tall at five foot seven inches (1.7 metres), weighed 140 pounds (63.5 kilograms) when she landed her big break on the New York stage at the age of 19.

Thrilled about the prospect of making her name as an actress, the star was stunned when an unnamed director targeted her weight.

Keaton admits the criticism deeply affected her and she began suffering from the eating disorder, binging on food before forcing herself to vomit, in order to maintain her slender frame.

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Speaking about the dangerous diet method, the 65 year old tells People magazine, “I don’t think it was called bulimia then. It was just this trick you could do. It’s a horrible problem. Ugly and awful.”

Keaton kept the news under wraps for decades until deciding to go public with her health woes in a new memoir, titled Then Again, and she credits regular sessions of psychoanalysis with helping to put an end to her image issues.

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