Keira Knightley having trouble accepting her greying hair

Keira Knightley ‘doesn’t recognise herself’ with grey hair.
The Atonement star opened up about ageing in an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, and confessed she wants to feel “empowered” as she gets older – but is struggling to accept small changes like her hair turning grey.
“I walk down the street and I see women with amazing grey hair and the lines on their face and I think it’s the story of their life and I love it and I feel empowered by it and that’s what I want to be when I grow up,” the 34-year-old shared. “And then I find grey hairs and I think, ‘Oh my god I’m going to dye it!’
“It’s not about vanity, some of it is, but it’s not all about vanity. It’s about not recognising who you thought you were.”
The Aftermath star, who is pregnant with her second child by her musician husband James Righton, also admitted she’s also seeing changes in various parts of her body as she gets older, adding: “You think you know what your body is and what your face is, then suddenly it changes”