Keira Knightley’s school banned her ‘inappropriate’ prom photo


Keira Knightley’s school banned a prom photo which showed the actress kissing her lesbian best friend.

The 33-year-old is currently promoting her new movie Colette, in which she plays a married writer who is denied recognition for her creative work, and embarks on an affair with a gender-defying noblewoman and artist, played by Irish actress Denise Gough.

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday (13Sep18), Seth commented that Keira’s film character would approve of her unconventional approach to prom, although her school greatly disapproved.

“I went with my best friend who is a girl and also gay and we had a kiss for our prom photo, and they banned our photo,” she explained. “They said it wasn’t appropriate for the wall (of photos). Scandal, at 16!”

Returning to Colette, Keira opened up about the filming experience with co-star Dominic West, who plays her domineering husband onscreen. Though the Atonement star admitted that “he’s usually a very sexy man,” she conceded that he was not on this occasion.

“It was like kissing a walrus,” said Keira, referring to the very bushy beard Dominic had to grow for the film. “He’s really not (sexy) in the film at all in any way. (He had to wear) fat suits and we were shooting in 100 degree heat so he had a cooling system where he’d plug himself in to this little bag and it looked like a colostomy bag! Absolutely not sexy.”

The actress, who has previously starred in Pride & Prejudice, The Duchess and Anna Karenina, also explained that she prefers starring in period pieces because she believes such films offer a chance to play more interesting female characters.

“I’ve desperately tried to do modern day pieces but they keep wanting me to play the supportive wife or the supportive girlfriend and I think I’m that at home – I don’t want to do it at work as well!” she lamented.