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Kelly Ripa thought only dead people get Hollywood stars

Kelly Ripa was stunned when she was told she’d be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, because she thought they were only given to dead celebrities.
The 45-year-old presenter received the honour last October (15) at a ceremony hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. While the occasion was a big day for her, Kelly admits she had no idea that “live people” could get stars on Hollywood Boulevard.
“I’m going to be honest, when they told me I was getting a star, I said, ‘I thought you had to be dead to get one of those!’ ” Kelly said during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (25Feb16). “And then I told my husband and he said, ‘I thought you had to be dead to get one of those’ – we had no idea that live people (can get one)… We live in New York, there’s nothing like it there.”
Kelly is gearing up for the biggest week in her calendar, as it’s the Academy Awards this Sunday (28Feb16) and then she has to host her post-Oscars morning show on Monday (29Feb16).
The prospect isn’t one she looks forward to, however, because it involves such an “inordinate amount of work”.
“It’s so much flying, staying awake and going from event to event to event,” she said. “And then we do our after Oscars show – ours is when everybody has either won or lost, or got drunk because they lost or got drunk because they won, and now they’re cancelling on us on our show!”
Kelly will host the special episode of Live! with Kelly and Michael alongside co-host Michael Strahan. She added to Jimmy that the first year she tried to get some sleep in between the end of the Oscars and the beginning of her show, but quickly learned that wasn’t the best idea.
“It started when I was doing this show myself, we didn’t have a co-host yet, I attempted to go back to my hotel room and sleep for a couple of hours and then go host the morning show,” she said. “Because when you do a live 9am show in New York and you’re doing it at 6am in LA and you have to be back at work at 4am for preparation. So I was like, ‘I’m going to sleep for a couple of hours and then go’, but what I didn’t know was that they held the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars in my hotel. So it was like a thumping, vomitous riot. There was thumping music, sounds of people screaming, dreams coming true, dreams being crushed. So we made a decision to stay awake so we stay up all night now.”

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