Kelly Rowland hides blemishes by turning them into moles


Kelly Rowland disguises blemishes by making them look like moles instead.

The singer is a lover of all things make-up and pays particular attention to her regimented skin care routine. Nevertheless, she still suffers for the occasional breakout, and has created a clever means of hiding lumps and bumps when she’s out and about.

“This is not a real mole. That is not a real mole. Those are not real moles,” the 37-year-old shared, pointing to her face during an interview with Elite Daily. “I cover them (blemishes) up with DUO Glue (an eyelash adhesive, which comes in a variety of colours).”

Though this groundbreaking method always gets the coverage she desires, Kelly went on to warn potential copycats that friends and family may notice when you take the technique too far.

“There was this one time I made them super tiny, and I had, like, little freckles,” she laughed.

“Somebody goes, ‘I didn’t know you had freckles.’ I said, ‘I don’t. I’m having a really bad breakout right now, and I just made them, you know, little freckles.'”

The Stole singer is adamant that healthy skin is the most important part of any beauty regime and believes in skin care “above anything.”

“One (favourite product) would definitely be Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform,” Kelly recently explained to U.S. Elle at the launch of Schick’s new Intuition f.a.b. razor – a brand for which Kelly is an ambassador. “Another one would be iS Clinical face wash, because I believe in washing your face. And a sunscreen – iS Clinical has a great sunscreen.”

The former Destiny’s Child star is also a big fan of Jessica Alba’s cosmetics line, Honest Beauty, and likes to use the brand’s Magic Balm around her eyes in the summertime.