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Kendrick rocks out for LCD Soundsystem

The Oscar-nominated actress appears in the band’s promo for new single Pow Pow and although she admits she is a “pretty lame dancer” she had a lot of “fun” making her music video debut.

She tells MTV.com, “I didn’t have their new album, but this song is really cool, too… I can hear it every time we do a take, in my head. I’m kind of grooving. I can’t help but groove to this song.

“It sort of came out of nowhere. (Director) David (Ayer) came up with this idea and asked me to do it. I’ve never done anything like this at all, so I was really excited about it. It’s been really fun.”

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And Kendrick admits she turned to classic Hollywood for inspiration for her star turn, adding, “He (Ayer) told me to watch Sunset Boulevard. He used that as a reference as (to) what’s going on underneath this girl.”

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