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Kenny Rogers to quit music in 2017

Country legend Kenny Rogers is retiring from music when he wraps up his current tour.
The Coward of the County singer retired from international touring a few years ago and earlier this year (16) he talked about quitting life on the road for good – and now he has decided he has made all the music he’s ever going to make, and he wants to spend more time at home with his family.
“I’ve done everything I set out to do,” he told Billboard during a press conference on Monday (26Sep16). “Every goal I’ve set, I’ve done that, and there’s a point where you have to say, ‘I’ve had my turn. Let someone else have it’, and that’s kind of where I am.
“It’s not that I dislike music; it’s just that I can’t keep doing this and do what I want to do, which is spend time with my family.”
He wants to spend more time with his 12-year-old twin sons and his fifth wife Wanda Miller, who he wed in 1997.
“I have two older boys and I didn’t get to spend this time with my older boys, and I resent it because it’s a very special time in a kid’s age,” he said. “My boys are playing football this year, and we went to watch a game and they were so excited about us being there, and that’s the kind of thing that as a parent you want to be part of as much as you can.”
Rogers, 78, has shows booked up until April, 2017, including a run of traditional holiday shows set for Christmas, and then he’ll be done.
And he hopes a few special guests will join him on the road for his swansong dates, adding, “I’ve had a lot of people who said, ‘Can I come out and do something with you?’ Don Henley said, ‘Kenny, I’ll join you out there and we’ll do Desperado or something.’ And I know that’s a huge commitment; it’s easy to commit and hard to live up to. So I just finally said, ‘Don, if you get out there I’d love to see ya, and we’ll find something to sing. But don’t feel obligated or committed to come out’.”

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