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Kensit scrapped book after latest love split

The Lethal Weapon 2 star was set to lift the lid on her marriages to rockers Liam Gallagher, Jim Kerr and Dan Donovan in the book, but the release was mysteriously cancelled.

Kensit has now revealed she scrapped the project because of her latest love split with fourth husband, DJ Jeremy Healy, who she married last year (09).

She says, “I was writing it, but I’m not now. I gave the money back and decided it was not appropriate after this year.”

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And Kensit also admits she pulled out for the sake of her kids, adding: “There are some things that you just don’t need to talk about. And I have to think of my children.”

Kensit has a 17-year-old son, James, with Kerr, and Lennon, 11, with Gallagher.

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