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Kevin Spacey: ‘I’ve had a broken nose for four years!’

Kevin Spacey broke his nose through “overacting”.
The 56-year-old actor is renowned for his flamboyant acting style. When he appeared in the West End show Richard III in 2011, Kevin found himself gesticulating with a cane prop so much that he hit himself in the nose, causing an injury he wasn’t made aware of until four years later.
It was when he lost his hearing over Christmas that Kevin sought help from a doctor who informed him that he had a broken nose.
“He (the doctor) said we’ll deal with the hearing thing in a minute but first let me ask you a question – do you know you have a broken nose?’ ” Kevin said during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night (23Feb16). “And I said, ‘What, I don’t have a broken nose, how could you have a broken nose and not know it?’ Because a lot of people have broken noses and not know it.
“I said, ‘When could I have broken my nose?’ and he said, ‘Well it could have happened at birth, the doctor could crush it, that could happen,’ and I’m thinking (looks puzzled). He said, ‘Or you could have broken it more recently like four and a half years ago, I think that’s when you broke it’. He said, ‘Can you recall anything you did in which you could have broken your nose?’ And I immediately knew what – I instantly knew what I did… Overacting!”
When the audience laughed, Kevin insisted: “I’m not kidding!”
He then explained that playing Shakespeare’s protagonist in Richard III had led to the break.
“I was on stage in Richard III playing the hunchback king and I had a cane,” he said. “I was wildly gesturing to the two actors next to me and I knocked myself in the nose with my cane, so hard that blood came out of both nostrils. I had to literally back off stage while they talked to get Kleenex to shove up my nose, so I wouldn’t bleed all over the stage. And it hurt like hell but I didn’t think I’d broken my nose so I never checked it out.”
Kevin has yet to have the injury fixed. However, he knows that when he does – the sky’s the limit!
“So all the stuff I’ve been doing for the last four years – running, tennis, concerts, House of Cards, without my full capacity – you just wait until I get this sucker fixed!” he laughed.

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