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Kid Rock’s new anti-suicide anthem inspired by death of his cousin

Kid Rock’s new anti-suicide track Back to the Otherside was inspired by a cousin who took his life.
The heavy lyrics tackle the youth suicide epidemic sweeping through America, and the rocker hopes someone takes note of the lyrics and rethinks ending it all.
“It’s about young people and all this stuff that’s going on, these kids taking their own lives,” he tells Billboard. “I had a cousin who did it. That was so long ago, but just watching so many people around me with this suicide thing, whether it’s in the music industry, whether it’s soldiers coming back from these God-awful wars, whether it’s kids struggling with the bullying thing…
“I think we’ve all felt like that at some point, where you just felt like, ‘This s**t ain’t worth it, I’m going to check out’. I just try to tell people, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa! Just hold on a minute. Just give it some time’. S**t gets better.”
The track incorporates the chorus from New Zealand band Breaks Co-op’s Otherside, a song Kid Rock came across while surfing the Internet.
“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Their harmonies are as good as Crosby, Stills & Nash or anything I’ve ever heard!'” he says. “It had this poignant chorus, so rather than just sample it, I had my people call to see if we could get their session tapes. I actually took their vocals and then used a drum machine for a little bit.”

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