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Kidman and Urban’s home targeted for coal tests

The Hollywood actress and her country singer husband own an expansive estate in the area of Sutton Forest, where a Korean company called Cockatoo Coal plans to begin drilling 120 holes as part of a bore testing scheme.

The project will take place close to the couple’s mansion and many residents are furious about the plans, alleging the drilling will bring noise and disruption to the country location.

The Southern Highlands Coal Action Group has announced plans to fight the scheme and co-ordinator Tim Frost tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, “We are pushing very hard, not to destroy gas and coal mining but, for goodness sakes, don’t do it in sensitive areas. The exploration holes are only in an area of 500 square metres but you have the trucks, tankers, coming into the area and disrupting life. The drilling program will take about a year and will tell them where to mine and drill. Quite simply, we don’t want them to mine.”

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